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1. An active assignment is established by written acceptance of the registration or treatment agreement. The treatment agreement reflects the content of the agreement.

2. An assignment can also come about by  means of an oral agreement, such as arranging a consultation.

3. Variables assesses upon registration whether care is eligible for reimbursement by the health insurer or municipality within the Generalistic Basic GGZ or Specialized GGZ. If this is the case, this information will be provided to the client.

4. The responsibility for finding out what possible reimbursements and conditions the client’s insurance company applies lies entirely with the client.

5. Variables can establish your identity at the start on the basis of an identity document. We ask you to bring your ID and relevant documentation (if available) with you during the first meeting.

6. Unless reimbursed care is involved, the client will receive an invoice from Variables. The payment frequency of this can be coordinated with the client.

7. If the client has not paid the amount due within the payment term, the client is in default. Variables will then send you a payment reminder and will transfer it to a collection agency if the payment obligations are not met. Variables Psychology & Personal Growth reserves the right to stop or suspend treatment until the payment obligation has been met.

8. Your Variables practitioner is affiliated with the professional association of psychologists (N.I.P.). This means that your practitioner uses a professional code in which he / she undertakes to treat information confidentially.

9. Information to third parties is only possible with your permission. It can be important for the GP to know whether the treatment with Variables has started and how the treatment is progressing. It is customary that we first consult the client about this for permission, and then go through the contents of the (short) letter. If you do not agree with providing the above information to the GP or (anonymously) to the professional association, you can indicate this to your practitioner.

10. From the moment of registration you will only have to deal with one practitioner at Variables. In the unlikely event that your practitioner is absent for a longer period of time, Variables will start looking for suitable colleagues who will (temporarily) take over the treatment. A precondition for good treatment is good contact with your practitioner. If, for whatever reason, that contact is not entirely to your liking, you can always discuss this and possibly ask for referral to other suitable help.

11. The services are provided at various locations where Variables uses hired consulting rooms, unless otherwise agreed

12. The duration of a consultation is 60 minutes.

13. When cancelling appointments, the following rules apply: Consultations that are canceled at least 24 hours in advance will not be charged. If a consultation is not canceled at least 24 hours in advance, EUR 40.- per missed consultation will be charged.

14. If the practitioner cancels the appointment, the obligation to pay for the consultation will lapse.

15. If the conditions of the client conflict with the conditions of Variables Psychology & Personal Growth, then the conditions of Variables Psychology & Personal Growth apply. Any stipulation to the contrary in the conditions of the client does not affect the foregoing.

16. Any complaints about services provided must be discussed by the client with the practitioner or submitted in writing. Making a complaint does not release the client from payment obligation.

17. The agreement between practitioner and client can only be deviated from in writing.

18. Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions and what is related thereto between Variables Psychology & Personal Growth and the client. This entails protection of personal data and dossiers in accordance with Dutch legal standards for mental health care.

19. Variables Psychology & Personal Growth does not have a crisis service. In case of crisis, you should contact your doctor

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