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Artur Kuligowski, Clinical Psychologist, NIP, MSc


You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

My name is Artur Kuligowski, clinical psychologist and coach. I believe mutual trust, engagement and the ability to share any thought, feeling or behavior – positive or negative – are fundaments to creating an environment where change can occur. I consider my role as therapist as that of a “guide”, walking you thru to new insights and undiscovered routes that get you where you want to be and leave a lasting impression. However, for the “tour” to work – I need you to walk the distance with me, side by side.

My Background

I have attained a master of science degree in clinical psychology from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, and a bachelor of arts degree in the social sciences from University College of  Utrecht in the Netherlands. I am a NIP-registered psychologist – member of the Dutch Institute of Psychology.

I have contributed to studies of domestic violence (ACB Kenniscentrum) as well as research involving medicinal adjuctants to treatment of PTSD at the Amsterdam Medical Center.  

For the last 10 years I have been providing individual and group therapy to multi ethnic and mutlicultural populations, working in a psychiatric out patient clinic (sGGZ) in Amsterdam. I currently provide therapeutic support to various general practitioners in the Rotterdam Zuid area.

My Approach & Philosophy

As a therapist, I relate to principles of client centered therapy. In this approach to therapy, you and I are equals. It is your task to consciously and rationally decide for yourselves what is wrong and what should be done about it.  My role is to assist you in this process. I apply my knowledge and experience in an ecclectic manner, using relevant elements from diverse evidence based treatment forms (See Therapies for more)

Personally, I believe when facing adversity, the road to recovery begins with the acknowledgment that it is an inherent right of human beings to experience hardships and burdens that may leave any and each one of us feeling lost, hopeless, in suffering and vulnerable. While first encounters with mental health distress slipping out of your control is likely to be frightening – remember – you are not alone and there is great strength lasting a lifetime to be gained from overcoming such adversity. Let’s distribute the weight and figure “things” out – together.

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